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BubbleBeez has a range of bath products, all which bring foamy fun to bathtime. We asked some of our Beez for tips on how to get the most out of each product. 


Our Pallette bathbomb in action

Run your bath halfway to your desired amount. Carefully place the bath bomb onto the surface of the water, then stand back and enjoy the show. Once the bath bomb has fully dissolved continue running your bath to your desired amount for even more foamy fun.


Bath bombs will dissolve faster in warmer water.  We recommend you do not hold the bath bomb while its dissolving, as this can increase the risk of staining the skin on your hand. However, many of our beez admit to not being able to resist squishing and crunching dissolving bathbombs, and as our dyes are water soluble, any transferred dye washes off in the bath. 


Sprinkle the desired amount into your bath. You can add the crumble to your half full bath as with a  bath bomb, or add as the bath is running. A still bath will give a more impressive bath art , but if you are in a rush to get in the bath, a running tap will still create a lovely foam .


Bubblebars can be used on their own or in addition to a bath bomb. Bubblebars are designed to be used in multiple baths as they are concentrated bubblebath. Hold your bubblebar under running water for as long as it takes to reach your desired amount of bubbles. Then set it aside to dry for next time. Bubble Frosting on topped bombs acts in the same way as bubblebar. 

Some of our Beez use the shower head to direct water on to the bubble bar , as they find the lower water pressure prevents the bubblebar cracking.

Whipped soap

Whipped soap has many uses apart from washing, and a small amount goes along way! we recommend starting off with a pea sized amount, foaming it up in your hands/sponge/flannel then adding more to reach your desired level of suds. 

Whipped soap can also be used as shampoo. Depending on your hair length and thickness, a chickpea sized should be plenty. if you are finding your hair feels slightly greasy after washing it with whipped soap , you may need to reduce the amount you are using. 

Shower steamer 

shower steamers provide fragrance to your shower experience and are not designed to be applied to the skin. Place the shower streamer out of the direct flow of water and enjoy your scent of choice. 

Shower steamers are also ideal for providing fragrance around your home. Add them to mop buckets or even in the toilet, they while release their scent whenever they are introduced to water. 

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