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Frequently asked questions 

What is BubbleBeez?

BubbleBeez was created in July 2018 after months of research and product development to create a range of bath/body products suitable for all skin types.  Products are made in our workshop in Macclesfield, with vegan friendly ingredients. None of BubbleBeez products  are tested on animals.

Where is BubbleBeez located?

we are based at:

Unit 6-7, The Depot 
Station Street 



: What is an Open Box?

 If you choose the Open Box option when checking out, you pay the items in your order as normal however we don't send it to you straight away, we hold on to your order for you.

You can then make another order and select Open Box again, there's no limit to howmany times you can choose Open Box but we ask boxes are only open for 3 weeks max due to limited space

Why would I want Bubblebeez to keep hold of my purchases?

As you pay the same postage each time we send you your order, these postage costs can addup, especially if you're making lost of small purchases. We'll happily keep all of your Open Box purchases together. 


What is Add To Order?

If you've placed an order then realised that you've forgotten something, you can make another order then choose 'Add To', this ensures that you only pay the minimum amount of postage.

However before using this option please contact us first and receive confirmation that  it's OK to do this. This is because if your order that you're adding to has already been picked and packed, it's not possible to add anything to it. Also at very busy times, we may have to turn off the Add To option.


Q: What is pick up?

If you are local to the workshop, you can chose our free collection option.


Orders Up to 2 kg cost £4.19and  will be sent via 1st class Royal Mail
Shipping will be automatically calculated at checkout

How long will my order take?

Delivery Time is 3-5 Working days from date of dispatch. Both services advise delivery times can vary during peek times.  
You will receive an email when your order is dispatched.

Are your products suitable for children?

we recommend that our products are suitable for children aged 36 months and up. We would recommend that you contact a patch test before use to ensure there is no skin reaction. 

how do I use your products? 

please have a look at our blog for tips on how to use your products 

Do you offer wholesale?

This is not something we currently offer, but may look at stockists in the future. Ideally brick & motar only. 

I have received my order but some items are damaged/ my order is wrong  . what do i do?

Please email us at sales@bubblebeez.co.uk  and we will work with you to find a solution . 

What are your terms of service/refund policy?

Links to our policies and terms of service can be found in the about us tab


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