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Ocean A crisp, oceanic fougere blend that begins with zesty bergamot, lemon, lime, grapefruit, and mandarin, intertwined with verdant green leaves, violets, galbanum, lavender, pine, melon, apple, and blackcurrant. This leads to a revitalizing floral core of lily, jasmine, violet, and rose, enhanced by refreshing marine undertones, and grounded in a base of cedarwood, amber, musk, tonka bean, and moss.

Dream Experience the luxurious blend of fragrant lavender and invigorating eucalyptus, complemented by refreshing green stems and hints of ocean, all resting on a base of tonka bean and oakmoss.

Forest  Immerse yourself in the scents of nature with this herbal blend of pine needles, eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, geranium, spearmint, and crisp aldehydes, rounded out by a base of cedar, patchouli, and ambergris.

Refresh A refreshing fusion of tangy orange, zesty bergamot, and crisp orchard apples layered over a lush green floral arrangement. Infused with delicate musk and rich wood notes.

Sleep Indulge in the calming scent of luscious blend of orange and lemon, followed by a rich bouquet of muguet, violet, and magnolia. The luxurious base of sandalwood and sweet vanilla help aid for a deep, restful slumber.

Nature Revitalize your senses with a fresh, floral scent of nature. Notes of green buds, dewy leaves, and delicate herbs lead to a heart of lilies, muguet, and bluebells, all resting on a base of cedar, musk, and amber.

Comfort  Indulge in a comforting aroma that tantalizes your senses with hints of creamy white chocolate, followed by a sweet and creamy heart, all grounded by a smooth and luxurious vanilla essence.

Energise Invigorate your senses with a delightful blend of crisp apple, fresh citrus, and breezy ozone, layered with luscious lily, jasmine, and orchid, resting on a base of leaves, sugar, and musk.

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