Wax Melts

Our highly scented wax melts are hand poured using a combination of vegan friendly soy wax and mineral wax to provide the strong, long-lasting scent that travels throughout your home. 


What is a wax melt you ask?


Wax melts are fragrant wax pieces which melt at hot temperatures in a dedicated melting vessel, releasing a strong aroma into your home.  


Melting Vessle? 


You can get two types of wax melt wamers. The most safest way to melt wax is via a electric warming plate style burner as the lights are powered by LED and there's no pesky bulbs that need replacing. ( We are hoping to stock some in the near future) You can also get Ceramic/Glass warmers that use a small t-light candle, The key thing to remember is to use a wax burner that is at least 10cm tall, and always use standard 3-4 hour, unscented tealights in your wax burner. 


How to change your wax melts. 


The easiest way to remove used wax from your burner is to pop a tealight under the solid wax, leave for 2 minutes and the used wax will slide straight off the burner. If you want to remove the wax whilst it is melted, simply drop a few cotton wool balls into the wax pool and it will quickly soak up all the used wax. Then your able to pop in a fresh melt!