Meet the Team

Laura is The BubbleBeez Queen bee
And is the creator of all the goodies you see,
Each item is made with love, crafted by her hand,
Which is why we think they are the best in the land

Grumpy is Laura’s right hand man,
No one wraps bathbombs or packs orders like he can ,
Grumpy by nature, as well as nickname,
Having a scent named in his honour, is proof of his BubbleBeez fame.

Paige is Workshop member number 3
The very talented maker minion bee
When Laura says, let’s whip up a batch
Paige works at speeds nobody can match.

Amy is BubblebBeez deputy Queen,
The admin who keeps everything running smoothly behind the scenes,
From answering messages to keeping her fellow Beez in line,
And generally making sure everything gets done on time !

Jeni is the admin of the customer group, the Beez Hive,
Where our customers share bath art pictures, and chat between lives,
Shes always making herself useful, but in her spare time,
She makes us Laugh with silly pictures and rhymes.

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